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Shandong Leader Microwave Machinery has 25 years of experience in the production of industrial microwave equipment. It is a leading company in the development and production of microwave drying equipment and microwave drying equipment in China. It has mastered many invention patents for Microwave Tea Herbs Drying Sterilizing Machine , Microwave Thawing Frosting Machine , Microwave Wood & Paper Products Drying Machine , Microwave Roasting & Curing Machine , Microwave Extraction Machine , Microwave Degreasing Machine , Microwave Sintering Furnace Machine , Microwave Food Beverage Drying Sterilizing Machine , Microwave Tea Herbs Drying Sterilizing Machine , Microwave Roasting & Curing Machine , Microwave Heating Machine , Microwave Chemical Pharmacy Powder Drying Machine , Microwave Thawing Frosting Machine , Microwave Vacuum Machine , Microwave Extraction Machine , Cooling Tower for Microwave Machine , Microwave Vacuum Machine , Batch type microwave industrial dryers , Semi Batch type microwave industrial dryers , Continuous (conveyorised) microwave industrial dryers , Tunnel type microwave industrial dryers
The main production equipments are: microwave wave drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, microwave box rice heating equipment, cold chain box rice heating equipment, microwave tea killing machine, oatmeal drying equipment, microwave vacuum dryer, vacuum dryer, etc. Microwave equipment.
According to the requirements of different application fields, new application equipment such as microwave + light wave, microwave + ultraviolet light, microwave + hot air, microwave + ultrasonic wave was developed.
The company uses world technology to manufacture a new generation of microwave drying brands 915 MHz and 2450 MHz in accordance with GMP and FDA standards, and more than 40 models of microwave energy applications.
And widely used in food, native products, medicine, chemicals, battery materials, building materials, leather, industrial ceramics, such as heating, drying, sterilization, preservation, expansion, thawing, extraction, vulcanization, sintering, stereotypes and so on; There are wood, paper products, furniture, dry insecticidal and mildew, deep processing, drying, sterilization and preservation of agricultural and sideline products.
Leader Microwave Machinery was founded in 2013. The company is located in Tai'an. The company's assets amount to 90 million yuan. The factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters. The factory employs more than 500 people. Among them, 30 of them are middle-level technical titles, and the technical titles are 9 people. Received three provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards and two national patent projects.
Leader Microwave Machinery, as a professional microwave equipment manufacturer, has more than 20 years of grain and grain baking equipment, grain and grain curing equipment, food microwave sterilization machine, microwave roasting shrimp equipment, small microwave grinding machine application research experience, consolidating the present Based on the application field, we will continue to develop new application areas.

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  • microwave drying equipment
  • North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Central America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, South Asia, Domestic Market
  • All brands,OEM
  • 100-200
  • 20,000,000.00USD
  • 2004
  • 5542354789223112233


In 2017, the company achieved sales revenue of over 900 million yuan, including sales of more than 50 million in overseas markets. At present, the products of Leader Microwave Machinery radiate most of the country. Since 1999, it has been focusing on the production of microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, rotary microwave ovens, microwave expansion baking equipment, microwave vacuum equipment, microwave extraction machines, and rubber microwave curing equipment.
Leader Microwave Machinery provides high-tech equipment with advanced technology and reliable quality for China's food, pharmaceutical, chemical, building materials, metallurgical and other industries. Its main technical indicators are at the international advanced level. The company's microwave equipment is sold to Europe. North America, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries and regions have won the trust and recognition of customers.


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