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Leader Industrial Microwave Drying System

industrial microwave drying machine system
A typical microwave drying system consist of 1) Microwave generator 2) Applicator (wave guides) 3) Microwave unit 4) Control system
Different kinds of Microwave equipment applicators:
There are various types of applicators for gadgets that apply microwaves. Select the optimum method best suited to the heated substance specifications, consisting of the following:
Forming (size, density).
Electrical characteristics (details conductivity), loss element (εr ・ tan δ), water web content.
State (fluid, solid, powder, etc.).
Objective (preheat, heat therapy, drying, bubbling, vulcanization, etc.).
Therapy mode (dealt with or continuous).
Stress control (vacuumed or pressurized).
1. chemical product, medicine tablet or pill, such as watered pills,water-honey bolus, honeyed bolus, condensed pill and etc.
2. all sort of teas, natural herbs, flowers, environment-friendly fallen leaves, etc.
3. various dried out meat, like beef, pork, poultry, duck, fish etc.
4. powder for different material, such as seasonings, other preservative.
5. agricultural products, such as china date, nuts, grains, peanut, and so on
6. snack food, fruit seeds, grains, peanuts, chips, and so on
Applied Machinery:
Microwave Tea Herbs Drying Sterilizing Machine , Microwave Thawing Frosting Machine , Microwave Wood & Paper Products Drying Machine , Microwave Roasting & Curing Machine , Microwave Extraction Machine , Microwave Degreasing Machine , Microwave Sintering Furnace Machine , Microwave Food Beverage Drying Sterilizing Machine , Microwave Tea Herbs Drying Sterilizing Machine , Microwave Roasting & Curing Machine , Microwave Heating Machine , Microwave Chemical Pharmacy Powder Drying Machine , Microwave Thawing Frosting Machine , Microwave Vacuum Machine , Microwave Extraction Machine , Cooling Tower for Microwave Machine , Microwave Vacuum Machine , Batch type microwave industrial dryers , Semi Batch type microwave industrial dryers , Continuous (conveyorised) microwave industrial dryers , Tunnel type microwave industrial dryers
Microwave heating process is clean and no emission of any kind of gases or residuals
Microwave warm permeates both on the surface along with internally within the item put for the Treatment.
Broadband of heating lowers total time of processing.
Microwave heating procedure is extremely manageable.
Work area requirement is very much less.
Finest drying out outcome are accomplished as heating happens from within material
Expense of manufacturing with microwave clothes dryers are lesser than air circulation or straight heat transfer based dryers.
Attribute of Microwave Dryers:
Top quality Magnetron manufactured by Panasonic(Japan)/ IBF(Germany)/ Hitachi (Japan).
Allen Bradley PLC, HMI and PID Indicator/controller.
RF/MW choke/timer provision.
Stainless steel chamber.
Needed electrical & thermal safety and security features for microwave generator.
Variable regularity (Belt speed control).
Variable Power outcome (selectable) approximately 100%.
Temperature Control.


Microwave Drying Equipment
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